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Paropkarini Sabha follows the principal of Atithi Devo Bhav in its deep spirit. Guests are welcome throughout the year in Shabhas campus. The major daily activities of Sabha includes the following-

1. Daily Yagya and Pravachan: Yagya is a daily ritual in the Sabha, all guests also join the yagya. Gurukul students residing in the campus join the yagya everyday. There are Vaidik discourses after the yagya.
2. Gurukul: Students from different parts of country come here to achieve knowledge of Vedas and Sanskrit language. Students get free accommodation, education, food and all other facilities.
3. Gaushala: We have our own source of milk, as we have Gaushala having 40 cows.All residents, sanyashis and guests are benefitted with this. As a policy milk is not sold by us.
4. Vaanprasth and Sanyas Ashram: Just like Gurukul, there is complete facilities for Vaanprasthis and Sanyasis who wish to stay here for spiritual attainments. All facilities and services along with food is provided free of any charge to them.
5. Pustakalya: We are rich with rare collection of scriptures and other books. These books are available to everyone for reading in the campus.
6. Vyayamshala: Trained trainers train young students and others in this Vyamshala.

All activities which are provided to all inmates and guests are totally free of charge. To meet the expenses we depend upon donations and contributions from benevolent people who have faith in Arya Samaj and Paropkarini Sabha.

We have started a very attractive and viable scheme called “Atithi Yagya”. Atith yagya is an important yagya of our day to day life, as preached by Swami Dayanand Sarswati. We all want to do it, but we don’t get guests to serve in our daily life. We invite everyone to be a part of our “Atithi Yagya” by donating Rs. Five thousand only on yearly basis.

You can assign a special day of your life like a birthday, a wedding anniversary or any other important day of your life or of someone dear to you; on this particular day one time’s food will be served as you, or your nominee as the host. His/her name as the host of that meal will be displayed on the board. Special prayers will be offered for the donors well being. We publish the names of the participants of “Atithi Yagya” in our fornightly magazine Paropkari also. Such donation will enjoy tax benefits under section 80-G of Income Tax.

We invite you to be a “hota” of this great yagya.

Donate to Paropkarini Sabha as per your will & capacity.